Creative digital person, Individualist & Seeker

IT Practitioner & Freelance Web Developer

Hein Htet Kyaw

Goal-oriented IT Practitioner with strong commitment to collaboration and solutions-oriented problem-solving techniques. Use various technologies to develop customer-focused IT solutions. Committed to high standards of IT procedures, user experience and usability.

How May I Help You?

I offer varities of services ranging from web application development, web design development, application development, digital creative suite and consultancy.


Website Development

Starting from a professional website design project to complicated IT Infrastructure.


Digital Services

Offers creative services such as Graphic Designs, Video Editing, Animation and Social Media Campaigns.



Intensive coaching and consultant services for small businesses and enterprises for digital transformation.

My Portfolio

I’ve developed more than

  • 30 web application projects, 
  • 20 production and video editing projects, 
  • 10 graphic designs projects and 
  • some web security research projects so far.
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