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With more and more revelations of massive spying by the United States and its National Security Agency (NSA) on the citizens and countries of the world, coupled with attempts by the US to control, monitor and in fact take over the Worldwide Web, the Hacktivist Group Anonymous is continuing to fight for the free transfer of ideas and freedom of expression and speech on the internet. With Draconian laws and measures being taken by the United States, Anonymous has been busy developing strategies to counter corporate and government internet tyranny by those who wish to regulate, control, monitor, spy on and profit from you every time you go online. In part two of a longer interview with Anonymous it is revealed that the group will soon be releasing a new operating system that is super secure as well as open source. The existence of built in back doors in the Windows platform for the NSA is another very disturbing revelation that has been largely ignored until now.

Anonymous to release Blackout OS - Anonymous

For instant chatting use Cryptocat for example. It is burn and gone. We use burn notes.
Robles: Burn notes or Cryptocat it’s called?
Anon: Yes Cryptocat
Robles: OK. What about operating systems, what about software? What about like back doors in Windows – any other ones other than that NSA key that you know about?
Anon: Well I am sure there are plenty of back doors in Windows, This has been going on since the late nineties. The N. S. A. has had back doors in Windows. I am sure they did not stop now they are just obfuscating them more
Robles: Do you know, has anyone ever gotten the entire base code for Windows?
Anon: I do not believe it has been fully revealed or reverse engineered. No.
Robles: I know that technically like some governments are supposed to be allowed to have the code, but I don’t think they even get all the code.
Anon: We are actually working in conjunction with some other security people. I will tell you what here is a little exclusive for you. We actually have an operating system coming out soon and we call Blackout Linux. You can actually check it out in Blackout hyphen O S dot com
What we are going to be releasing is an operating system which will be Linux based. It is still a working project. It will be a while until there is any stable release for the masses. It is called Blackout. We designed the landing page for it at black out dash O S dot com and we are going to be putting all sorts great features and functionalities into it.
We are also working with an alpha working group for a hardened version of TORE….. There are so many error issues with writing a hardened version of TorE…. The people like a rich Internet experience and the hardened TorE …. We are getting rid of Java. We are getting rid of Flash. We are getting rid of a lot of steps that makes it difficult for stealth but which gives everybody an enjoyable rich user experience
Robles: Right, right. When is this OS coming out? This is very interesting
Anon: No release date. I am on the alpha working group and it is about 2 dozen of us and it is literally pre alpha stage
Robles: Wow. OK, so maybe within a year or 6 months or no prediction?
Anon: We have some of the best of the best inside of our development crews working on it. We have engineers who work for Fortune 500 companies and I would expect 6 months to a year from now we would have something decent. The beta version.
Robles: Wow, great.
Anon: Which will be for public release, yes.
Robles: Wow, and this will be Intel based or Pentium based or 486 base or whatever you want to call it? Or is this going to be Apple based or whatever?
Anon: It is going to be completely Linux based you know probably be initially released stand alone. There will be a live CD thing it makes it easier for the end users especially if we make like a pen drive install where all you have to do is put it on a thumb drive. You boot up your computer and you pick. Do you want to load a Blackout operating system or do you want to load Windows. If you click Blackout O S it loads from the USB key. Everything is stored on the U S Key ensuring even greater privacy and security
Robles: What, even the operating system is going to be on a flash drive?
Anon: True. It can be yes just like all Linux distributions we are going to make it live CD compatible.
Robles: Wow. So I could, for example, somebody could go to their work computer and put in their flash drive, if they could boot off the flash drive? Is that possible?
Anon: Yes. As a matter of fact technicians do it all the time. It is a quick way to rescue computers and you only need the hard drive of the computer to do that with and even the data disk drills are already out like Ubuntu even.
Robles: Wow. OK. A lot of people don’t know that. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the efforts that Anonymous has been doing, and I think they are very applaudable. Well I think most of what Anonymous does is applaudable, but I am a fan but regarding the battle against child pornography and paedophiles?
Anon: Well certainly this is my forte I am actually creating and led several operations against child pornography websites. Gap websites that seem innocuous on the surface perverted but innocuous until you get in and you infiltrate them and you see it trading kiddy porn in the message board and things like that, private messages and things of that nature. Op Pedo Chat is a good one, you will definitely find some coverage on that. PC Magazine covered it, C Net covered it, Examiner and everyone else covered it. And in that operation we were actually targeting about three of four hundered websites a month. Operation Op Pedo Chat we targeted about three or four hundred websites. A lot of those were hosted by a host called Ecatel
Robles: Are they still on line?
Anon: Part of Ecatel is still on line. They took a serious beating and probably about handles four hundred websites that we targeted. We permanently got rid of about 200 of them
Robles: Wow, that’s pretty impressive.
Anon: And we found the easier way unfortunately to do it the easier way was to lean on the I S Ps. You see we started by telling the I S Ps that we were covering these kiddy porn websites. That there was kiddy porn on their servers and websites and most of them came back with “we do not care”. In fact Ecatel told me personally not only they did not care, but they told me to quit hiding in the shadows and go screw your mommy.
Robles: Really!
Anon: And that did not work out too well for them. But the thing is there is there is a lot of it hosted in Lithuania and other countries where they feel they are beyond the law and that is where Anonymous steps in to take care of matters to police the Internet and if law enforcement cannot do it then Anonymous will do it. We will not allow crap like that on the Internet it does belong there.
Robles: OK, are there any other things that you feel shouldn’t be on the Internet?
Anon: In general Anonymous feels that everybody has a right to free speech except for when that free speech infringes upon children like that for example. Even West Grove Baptist Church we allowed them to coexist on the Internet. Scientology we let them hold down a website for now. We can take them down anytime we want of course.
Robles: What would you say to recent FBI claims that Anonymous was decimated and they said they arrested the leadership, which I think that would be impossible, but anyway what would you say to those claims?
Anon: We have said it long ago and we will say it again. For every Anon that falls 10 more will take his place. it will just increase dissent. You cannot arrest an idea. Ideas are bullet proof. I can say that the fifth of November next year should be mighty interesting. That is all I can say about it. Monsanto has theirs coming too. I hope they are hearing us. Monsanto can expect us.
Robles: Well I really appreciate you speaking with me
Anon: No problem. You have a great night.
This is John Robles. You were listening to an interview with a member of the Anonymous Hacktivist Collective. You can find Part 2 of this interview on our website at The speaker’s voice was anonymised to protect his safety or her safety. Thanks for listening.

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