Basic Concept about HTML

U must Start With <html>

if U want to end just add ‘/’ that like that  ‘</html>

The most Important Things in Html are <head> <title> and <body>

If U want to add configuration to the page..just add ‘bgcolor’ for background color… and some others…
‘font color’ and ‘background=add location’ for Color of Font..

If u want to type just use  <h_>….<h1> means the largest and the least is <h4>..:D

if u want to add another photo to that page just use  ‘<img src=add location’>

i will show u an example..

<title> Being Tested For hacking  </title>
<body bgcolor=’Black’>
<font color=’Green’>
<h1>You Were Fucked By Innocents Are You Pissed</h1>
<img src=’’>
<h1> Wow…awesome </h1>
<h3>Contact Us @ Innocents Terrific Kyaw And Innocents Kaif@ facebook</h3>

error: Content is protected !!