How to use Private tunnel with Linux

It’s clear that they don’t support or they don’t upload installer for linux in their Website !
But there is other way.
I found it but maybe i’m not the first one !
 First go to Your account ! Not will be the Same . 😛
And Download Your Profile ! ( this may ask your password)
Then Change the downloaded file name to your name or an easy one!
As for me,I changed it to n0v@.ovpn.

Run terminal with root and go to the locations and
then type
openvpn –config file
(File is the name of your openvpn confing file. For example. Client.ovpn)
This will execute a tunnel adapter vpn connection through terminal. Leave this terminal window open. To see if you are on the VPN connection. Go to and search for what is my IP. If it’s a different IP than what you are used to see then you are connected.
Once you are done with the vpn go back to terminal and hit “ctrl-c” This will terminal the tunnel adapter connection.

Credit to Bro #Orca@MyanmarFedoraCommunity for showing me that website!  Thz! 

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