Installing Workstation on a Linux Host

The steps below describe an installation from a CD-ROM disc. If you downloaded the software, the steps are the same except that you start from the directory where you saved the installer file you downloaded, not from the Linux directory on the CD.

1. Log on to your Linux host with the user name you plan to use when running VMware Workstation.

2. In a terminal window, become root so you can perform the initial installation steps.

su –

3. Mount the VMware Workstation CD-ROM.

4. Change to the Linux directory on the CD.

5. Continue installation with the appropriate section for your desired installer:
Using the tar Installer
Using the RPM Installer

Using the tar Installer

Note: You may skip the steps for copying and unpacking the archive and install directly from the vmware-distrib directory on the CD.

a. Copy the tar archive to a temporary directory on your hard drive — for example,  /tmp.
cp VMware-<xxxx>.tar.gz /tmp

b. Change to the directory to which you copied the file.

cd /tmp

c. Unpack the archive.

tar zxpf VMware-<xxxx>.tar.gz

d. Change to the installation directory.

cd vmware-distrib

e. Run the installation program.


f. Accept the default directories for the binary files, library files, manual files, documentation files and init script.

g. Answer Yes when prompted to run

This completes the tar archive installation instructions. Skip the RPM installer instructions and continue with step 6.

Using the RPM Installer

a. Run RPM specifying the installation file.

rpm -Uhv VMware-<xxxx>.rpm

VMware-<xxxx>.rpm is the installation file on the CD-ROM. In place of <xxxx> the filename contains numbers that correspond to the version and build.

b. Run the configuration program from the command line.

6. The remaining prompts are worded in such a way that, in most cases, the default response is appropriate.

Note: If you do not enable host-only networking when you install Workstation, you cannot allow a virtual machine to use both bridged and host-only networking.

7. The configuration program displays a message saying the configuration completed successfully. If it does not display this message, run the configuration program again.

8. When done, exit from the root account.

Install VMware Tools after you install a guest operating system. See Installing VMware Tools. 

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