Top 10 Linux Linux Distros For Hackers!

1. BackTrack 5r3: This is one of the most loved and best known Linux-based hacking distributions. Based on Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system, Backtrack’s logo says, “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” With version 5, the GNOME desktop environment was added along with the usual KDE desktop environment.

2. Nodezero: This is another Ubuntu-based hacking, which is used for penetration testing. Every time you get a patch for bugs in the Ubuntu OS, Nodezero also gets updated.

3. BackBox Linux: This is yet another Ubuntu-based distro being used for hacking. According to the developers, the OS has been designed to create a penetration testing distro that is fast and easy to use. It also gets update with new ethical hacking tools regularly using repositories.

4. Blackbuntu: Ubuntu itself may not be a hacking distro, but there are plenty that are based on it. This distribution comes with categories such as Network Mapping, Information Gathering, Penetration, Vulnerability Identification, Privilege Escalation, Radio Network Analysis, VoIP analysis and more.

5. Samurai Web Testing Framework: This distro lays focus on attacking websites using the best free and open source tools for hacking and attacking. The developers have incorporated four steps into the distribution, including, reconnaissance, mapping, discovery and exploitation.

6. Knoppix STD: From Ubuntu to Debian, Knoppix STD is a Debian based hacking distribution that runs the GNOME, KDE, LXDE and Openbox desktop environments. It has been around for quite a long time now and was amongst the first live distros.

7. Pentoo: This is a live CD that is meant for security testing and is based on Gentoo. It comes with a number of customised tools and kernel from the company. These include a Backported WiFi stack, XFCE4 etc.

8. Weakerthan: This distribution uses the Flufbox desktop environment and is best suited for WiFi hacking because of its many Wireless tools. It is a Debian Squeeze-based distribution that comes with tools for WiFi attacks, Cisco exploitation, SQL Hacking, Web Hacking, Bluetooth and others.

9. Matriux Krypton: After Weakerth4n, this is perhaps the first distribution that is directly based on the Debian OS. It contains an arsenal of 300 security tools and makes for a good choice for ethical hacking, penetration testing, security testing, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations etc.

10. DEFT: This OS is based on the Linux Kernel 3 along with the Digital Advanced Response Toolkit. It uses WINE in order to run Windows tools Linux and predominantly run with the LXDE desktop environment.

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