Ubuntu OS

What is Ubuntu OS
Ubuntu is a free of charge and open source and “darn good looking” Linux-based operating system that is easy and fun to use

What means the word Ubuntu
Is an African word that represent a philosophy that consist on “Give humanity to others”, for more info visit http://askubuntu.com/questions/424/what-does-ubuntu-mean

* The language of this group is English

*Do NOT ask for illegal things like wifi hacking,hacking in general software keys or warez sources.

* This is a Facebook group, thus you are encouraged to socialize with others, have talks, and tell funny jokes, try to have fun and make new friends, here is lot of people with great talents. We swear some times but don’t abuse

* THE MAIN TOPIC of this group should be stuff related to Ubuntu or stuff some how related to the Open Source Software world.

* You are welcome to promote or self promote projects, websites, events that MUST BE related to the main topic, BUT if you use a OBVIOUS generic “copy paste” post person/bot you get a kick with no warning. Remember Ubuntu means give humanity to others, be more human on your posts, introduce yourself, DONT BE GENERIC and direct your post to the the group, elaborate what do you want to show us or how we can help you.

* FANATICS NOT ALLOWED (Kick): Noisy people who think Linux is some sort of religion and the use of any other OS is some sort of blasphemy, we will show them the exit door in no time. Is important to understand that projects like Linux, Ubuntu or Libre Office are NOT tools to “destroy or fight” other projects or companies, they are indeed choices, is up to people what to chose and use to get the job done. 15 years ago there was almost no choices to chose from, today the situation is different and at the end the important thing here is that people feels happy with whatever they chose to use.

* NO HATERS: We don’t care about the business of other companies you dislike, you have all the right to dislike them but this is not the group to talk about it.

* BEGGARS NOT ALLOWED (ban): likes, upvotes, follows, kudos, etc.

* THE OBVIOUS (ban): Obvious stuff like spam about goddamn shoes, racism, smartasses, trolls, etc.



Ubuntu Myanmar Local Community Team

About https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MyanmarTeam
Core Member https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mm-council

Credit To Ubuntu Myanmar LocoTeam!

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