Why We Choose Linux As a Technician Although Linux is not So Popular???

This Time I would like to discuss why we choose linux although it is not as popular as


I think maybe it is because of this facts..

Let’s check it out..


1. The demand for Linux professionals is rising, making recruitment difficult.

Almost all hiring managers in the study indicated that they are planning to hire a Linux professional within the next six months.  That corresponds to a 4 percent increase from the previous year’s 89 percent.

More than this, close to nine out of every ten hiring managers say it was difficult to find Linux professionals who have the experience.

2. Linux professionals with experience have higher salaries and better job opportunities than other IT professionals.

Because the demand is high and the talents available are scarce, companies and businesses are willing to pay more for an experienced Linux professional.

The survey found that salaries increased by 9 percent year over year in 2013, almost double the 5 percent increase in salary for all tech jobs.

More than that, even in an economic downturn, three out of every four Linux professionals received calls from at least one recruiter in the past six months, with 35 percent of them saying that they plan to transfer to another company in 2013.

More than higher salaries and better job opportunities, however, experienced Linux professionals can also expect flexible work schedules and telecommuting, which both lead to a better work and life balance.

3. Companies are mostly looking for developers, systems administrators and Devlops who are skilled in Linux.

These three professionals are the top Linux jobs according to demand.

4. More and more companies are using Linux, hence the need for experienced Linux professionals.

What would explain the increased demand for Linux professionals?  Simple: A lot of companies are expanding, and in doing so, they are either using Linux more in their operations, or they are migrating to Linux-based systems.

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