A command to output full system information?

Heres Are some useful commands to list full system information on Ubuntu and SUSE ! 

lshw = List hardware
lshal = List Hardware Abstraction Layer devices (currently being phased out)

lspci = List PCI cards
lsusb = List USB devices
lsscsi = List SCSI devices
systool = Part of sysfsutils
hwinfo = For instance use sudo hwinfo –framebuffer to get the vga codes of your video card to pass to the kernel as vga=xxx in /boot/grub/menu.lst
fdisk -l = List hard drives
dmidecode = Get info from bootloader
dmesg = Boot messages, check this if you can’t find a device that you expect
cat /proc/cpuinfo = Processor information
cat /proc/meminfo = Current memory status
lpstat = Printer information

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