Android Packet Sniffer Free Download

You have to be root on your phone, and have the “su” command installed.
App Install process:
This app is based on the tcpdump package therefor it have to be installed manually.

1. Download and Install PacketSniffer App from the market or from the following direct link.
2. Copy the precompiled TCPDUMP file to the “/data”  library on your phone:    
    –    first make sure your “/data” library has READ and WRITE privileges. if not use:  “chmod 777 data” 
            –    in order to copy use the following command if you have ADB :”adb push c:locationOfTheTcpdumpFile /data”
    –    in case you don’t have ADB you can copy the tcpdump file to the SD card and do:  “cat /sdcard/tcpdump > /data/tcpdump .

3. Give the tcpdump file Read Write and Exec privileges :    “chmod 777 /data/tcpdump”
Thats it you are ready to go.
The main layout of the app allows you to initiate a Wifi or a Bluetooth wireless traffic capture service.
It means that you can close the app and the capture will still continue, until you deactivate it.
Before you start to capture you can pick weather to save the captured data on a local SQL DB on the device
or on to a file on the SD card.
When you had enough data captured, you can use the Statistic Analysis or the Statistic Advanced layouts
to analyse the data you have captured by performing various searches on the packets.

Here are few examples of packets captured by the application

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