Bypassing BIOS Password

Firstly Let me introduce u with BIOS.
The BIOS software is built into the PC, and is the first software run by a PC when powered on.
 The Longterm for BIOS is Basic Input Output System.
 This time i would like to show u how to bypass BIOS password.
Most of the technician know that the BIOS password can be removed or bypassed only when the CMOS battery is removed.
My Post will not be that way.
My post has been tested by some guys and they are first ones who found this way.
I will use a command line tool to break it.
Do u see? That’s why i am saying command line is better than GUI.

Here is the example of BIOS picuture

First open CMD and type

1= debug
2=0 70 10
3=0 71 20

and restart the computer.
Next time u boot , go to  BIOS and check if the BIOS password is bypassed.

Good Luck! I don’t guarantee it for 100%. 
So be remember the password. 😉 

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