How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android!

This Time I would like to discuss how to transfer contact contacts from iphone to android.

There are many ways to do so.

For many reasons,some people want to use Android rather than IOS while some others choose IOS rather than Android.In a Phone,contacts are the most important information that we have.Right? That’s why i will post how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android!
I will also post about  “How to transfer contacts from Android to Iphone!”

First Way
You will need a software named itune and usb cable.
First connect your iphone to computer using usb-cable and itune.
Go into your iphone in itune and go to tab “info” and check “Sync Contacts With”
and choose “Google Account” and click ‘configure’ and fill your gmail account name and password.
(Android Phone)
Go to “setting” and  click “add account” and fill your account name and password.
Then Go to contact and u will see the contacts are transferred successfully.

Second Way
This way also use gmail or other emails. Go to a contact and click “Share Contact” and choose if you are using gmail or SMS.  But This is not convenient for those who have many contacts.
This Second way is similar to First Way.

Third Way
In this way,we don’t need any software.Just go to and fill your identity.
Then,click contacts and export. Main Thing is that you have to copy that exported file to internal storage of Android phone.
All you have to do is to choose “input contact”.

There are many more ways but i think this is the most common and best ways.

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