Novell/SUSE CLA, CLP & CLE Certifications

One of the original founders of modern IT certification programs as we know them today, Novell persists as a shadow of itself in the NetWare days of glory. Its Linux certifications, however, carry on in the same vein (and with similar cert names), along with a pronounced focus on performance-based (hands-on lab) testing, and a highly regarded training curriculum with credentials to match. The company’s acquisition of SUSE in 2003 showed its keen appreciation for the power and value of a highly-regarded Linux distribution, in addition to a worthwhile successor to its NetWare networking operating system platform.
The Novell/SUSE Linux certifications come in four forms, only three of which are covered here below! 

  • SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA): focuses on day-to-day admin tasks for those who work in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environments. Candidates can take a single exam 050-720 SUSE Certified Linux Administrator II, or can take the LPIC-1 exams (101 and 102) instead.
  • SUSE Certified Linux Desktop Administrator: focuses on those who deploy, manage, and maintain desktops running SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. Candidates take the 050-708 Novell Certified Linux Desktop Administrator exam to earn this credential.
  • SUSE Certified Linux Professional (CLP): focuses on those who perform administrative tasks on SUSE Linux Enterprise Sever 11 platforms, including installing and configuring, maintaining the file system, managing processes and printing, and configuring basic network services, Samba, Web server, and IPv6. Candidates take the 050-721 Practicum exam (SUSE Certified Linux Professional 11). The CLA is a pre-requisite for this credential.
  • SUSE Certified Linux Engineer (CLE): focuses on engineering-level skills for architecting complex SUSE Linux Enterprise server environments. A SUSE CLP 10 or SUSE CLP 11 is a pre-requisite for this credential. Candidates must take the 050-723 Practicum Exam (SUSE Certified Linux Engineer 11).

Novell/SUSE Linux certifications will work best for those who work with and around SUSE Enterprise Linux installations. Please note also that the LPIC-1 exams also suffice to pursue most of the CLA certification.

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