Paragon Go Virtual

Paragon Go Virtual is a powerful application designed to  allow you to make a virtual clone of your PC.

You can avoid negative system conflicts by creating a virtual clone of your current physical system before migrating to a new computer – try new software in a safe environment and decide whether it works and is exactly what you need before making it a permanent addition to your collection. Or save your virtual environment to a USB hard drive and use it from anywhere, just as if you’re working from your own PC.

With P2V, you can also take advantage of an up-to-date powerful computer while still having access to favorite applications from an old computer. And, if your old computer is corrupted or you lose data in a transfer, but you have a backup image of your old system made with Paragon software, you can virtualize it using Paragon Go Virtual installed on your new PC.

Previously available only to businesses and advanced users, migration to a virtual machine – because of its complexity and high cost – could be time consuming and complicated for an individual PC user. Paragon Go Virtual solves these problems by providing a complete solution compatible with all major formats of virtual machines.

Here is The Download Link!

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