Skill မလိုဘဲ Youtube Videos ကို GIFအျဖစ္ေျပာင္းမယ္။

1) Go to GIFSOUP website

GIFSOUP is a website that helps you converting Youtube videos into GIF animations without using any software, this tool allows you also to select your favorite part from the video you want to convert to an animation by selecting the Start and End time (for FREE users you are allowed to select only 10 Seconds from the video), with GIFSOUP you can also search and view some public animations and make fun with them and share them easily with your friends through Social Networks and other websites like Tumblr.

2)  Enter the Youtube video URL in the box, like below:

3) Click Create Gifs button next to the link field.

4) You’ll be redirected to create a new account or login if you already signed up with them,
Remember that it’s easier if you signup and signin using your Facebook account for faster account creation.

5) After creating the account, you’ll be headed to the main conversion page, select the Start and End times 
Remember that for Free users you have only 10 Seconds range to select it, for longer you have to buy a premium account which comes with much more than only animation length but also with many other features to explore.
6) Now simply click the button Generate Animated GIF and wait few seconds for the animation to be generated and created by the server, finally you’ll be redirected to your Animation just Right Click > Save as
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