Using A computer Completely with Command Line

PowersHell Commands Vs CMDLET

Notice That most Cmdlet are allowed to run on powershell but most powershell commands are not allowed on cmd .

Here I would like to tell u about Cmdlet and powershell separately .

Cmd is easier than powershell and cmd is more user familiar than powershell.
But with Powershell u can do as u like just like Brute-Forcing  and switching your network card to monitoring mode.
But unfortunately Powershell only works on The operating systems later than Vista but Here is the download link for Powershell For All Windows

ping = testing a connection between hosts

dir =shows the directory of a folder or a disk

type =opens a file

cd = go into a directory

shutdown /s = shutdown within a minute

netsh = all commands concerning with networking

1.test-connection = This command uses the Test-Connection cmdlet to ping a remote computer. 

2.add-computer=Add the local computer from a workgroup or domain.

3.remove-computer = Remove the local computer from a workgroup or domain.

4.Checkpoint-Computer = The Checkpoint-Computer cmdlet creates a system restore point on the local computer.
(This cmdlet runs only on Windows Vista and Windows XP).

5.Restore-Computer = Restore to CheckPoint

6.stop-computer = This command restarts the Server01 remote computer.

7.get-process = show the lists of  running applications

8.kill (or) stop-process = stop an application 
9.Stop-computer = shutdown a computer 

When u add these cmdlets and powershell commands with basic commands such as “cd,mkdir,cp,del and mv”.
You can use your windows with only Command Line…
We don’t need any GUI..
I’m not telling u to use a windows in command line because for me also i don’t use windows in command line.
GUI is user friendly and so CLI can help u to get more impressions and it is very nice for runnig servers  .

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